Over 8 million women in the UK are dealing with hair loss. Thinning hair, bald patches and hair loss are surprisingly common in women.

The most important thing for you to know is we promise there are certainly many different solutions. We are here to help and to answer the questions you are not sure to ask (no a good wig will not come off in the wind).


In our Hair Loss Clinic at Christos, we have become accidental experts in restoring your self-esteem and confidence through our determination

to support our clients who, like us, have hair issues. That is how we started, dealing with our own personal hair loss and thinning issues and wanting desperately to help clients with theirs.   It all starts with a chat, where we act like Miss Marple: with a good cup of tea and a thorough investigation into possible underlying issues, we look at the solutions together and create a plan with you.


Some of the treatments and solutions we currently offer include: Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy – a treatment that uses platelets from your own blood to stimulate follicle recovery; IV Nutrient Hair Boosting Therapy – based on your own vitamin and mineral blood profile; and of course our Wig Clinic, offering thousands of superb quality Human Hair and Fibre Wigs, Top Pieces customised to the exact area of hair loss to create the most natural look and our unique collection of Hair Extensions, never causing traction alopecia or damage to your hair.   


Book your free consultation with us. We will need to see you for about an hour and you may find yourself staying longer...


Tina, Louise, Becci, Libbie and Amber are our resident hair loss and wig fitting experts, and your happiness is important to all of us. 


It makes us feel good when you do.

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