In some cases, such as non-permanent hair loss associated with cancer treatments or while waiting for other treatments to take, we may recommend a wig or top piece. 

During your consultation PHC technician will take time to understand your lifestyle, what look you are hoping for and any expectations from your family. From this information, we can make a solid recommendation on what wig, hair system or hairpiece type would best meet your needs. Equally, for some clients, you may choose to have a custom-made hair piece, to fit the exact shape of your head, follow your own hair line, and match your own follicle count. We work with the world’s leading wig suppliers to offer both fibre and human hair wigs covering all ethnicities and genders from the very young to the more mature and have a large range of wigs in stock so you can try some on and get a feel for what style will suit you best.

The hair loss team at Christos are not only fully qualified advanced stylists but also certified wig fitters. This means we can confidently adjust, stitch and fit your chosen wig specifically for you to match your head shape. Our expertise is not limited to wig fitting. Your stylist is trained and qualified to cut and style your chosen wig to suit your features, creating a look you are confident with.

Why purchase your wig through Patient Hair Care?

The Internet has opened up a world of shopping including the ability to purchase wigs and hairpieces online. On the face of it, the savings you see may appear attractive, but in our experience, these wigs can be of poor quality, incorrect for the look you are hoping for due to poor fitting or are not appropriate for longevity.

You need to be confident and comfortable in your wig and that is why Patient Hair Care offer a full fitting and maintenance service when you purchase

your wig or top piece from Christos. 

​Importantly, we will show you how you can fit your wig perfectly at home and how to use wig stocking liners and toupee tape to hold your wig securely, allowing you the freedom to get on with your day.

 “My friends love the wig I have chosen and I am confident in how to wear it without worrying it will slip thanks to the expert fitting and advice from Patient Hair Care.”

The key benefits of purchasing a wig through us:

  • Our wig studio allows you to try on a few styles and your Patient Hair Care technician can match the wig type to your lifestyle and the look you wish to achieve.

  • Bespoke fitting service including styling and cutting your wig to make it unique to you.

  • Monitoring of your scalp health and scalp care advice.

  • Free washing, adjustments and styling of your wig to keep it looking fabulous.

  • Haircare expertise and dietary advice.

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