weDo/ Professional

Natural (Vegan) Products

We know that our clients demand the very best in skincare and hair care and rightly so. But great products do not cost the earth!

weDo/ Professional is an eco-ethical brand created by Wella and developed to help people transition to a happier, healthier, & more sustainable lifestyle. The weDo/ Professional range includes;

Sulphate free shampoos

Silicone free conditioners

Hair masks

Hair and body cosmetics

This natural brand is Vegan Society certified, and Cruelty Free International approved while delivering professional performance.
All weDo/ products are designed to be 100% recyclable and are made from up to 94% recycled plastic. Moreover, the products are pH neutral making them ideal for many of our clinic clients.

Committed to sustainability, weDo/ goes beyond delivering eco friendly products. WeDo/ Professional has a commitment to reduce plastic pollution.  Through their network of #weDoers they collect 8 plastic bottles from the environment for every weDo/ Professional product sold together with Plastic Bank – an international organisation that fights against plastic pollution entering the oceans while improving the lives of those collecting it.