Wella Invigo Balance Senso Calm Mask - 150ml 

Do not let inflamed and sensitive scalp reduce your charm and personality. Treat your scalp with the Invigo range of Wella Hair Products that are formulated using caring and refreshing ingredients. One of the most used products of the series is Senso Calm Mask that balances the hair pH level, reducing the inflammation and itching sensation. This hair mask gently restores the comfort and the lost hair shine with its Allontoin formula.

Nourishing Mask for Lasting Effects

The Senso Calm Mask has made it easy to manage the itching scalp and dull hair. The Wella Balance Mask is formulated using specialized technology that meets the requirements of the scalp and hair. The sensitive hair mask is a blend of lotus, mint, and Allontoin extracts that soothe and revitalize the hair. The special ingredients define and give body to your dull hair. 

Hair Care Treatment to Get Strong and Lively Hair

The sensitive hair treatment soothes the inflammation and the mint extracts refresh the scalp. The lotus extracts-infused hair mask is particularly tailored to address all requirements of the hair. The Calm Sensitive Mask strengthens and cares for your hair while giving it the much-needed shine and bounce. The beauty of this hair mask lies in its rejuvenating menthol essence that calms the scalp.

Wella Invigo Balance Senso Calm Mask 150ml

  • Wash your hair with Invigo Senso Calm Shampoo. Apply the desired amount of hair mask over and through the hair. Massage the formula well and leave it 1-2 minutes. Rinse the hair well.

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