• There has been a price increase as the manufacture put there prices up and since January there is now an addittinal import duty which is beyond our control. ( Thats Brexit )

    Seavite shampoo is the best shampoo we have found in over 15 years of searching. It's the formulation of natural botanicals and the lack of parabens and skin irritants makes it ideal for sensitive scalps of patients undergoing Chemotherapy, Radiotherapy and for all forms of Alopecia and hair loss.


    This PH neutral shampoo has natural anti-inflammatory ingredients to help soothe irritation while gently detoxifying to ensure a clean and healthy scalp. 


    • Gently detoxifies hair without stripping it

      Seaweed extracts thickens hair fibres

      Volume is amplified from root to tip

      Botanicals help soothe an irritated scalp

      Fortifies hair strength and vitality

      Bounce and brilliance is restored

    • Organic seaweed extractsReparative marine mineralsNourishing plant oilsPowerful antioxidantsGentle detoxifying ingredientsAdvanced medical knowledgeNo parabensNo mineral oilsNo skin irritantsNo hidden nasties


    Seavite Super Nutrient Purifying & Volumising Shampoo 250ml

      • Wet hair, lather in palms. Massage a small amount gently into roots and rinse thoroughly. In case of contact with eye, rinse thoroughly with lukewarm water.
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