• he HRP home treatment ampoules are applied to the scalp with a derma roller to aid absorption

    The kit includes:

    1 x Box of HRP with SP55 – 10 x 2ml Ampoules
    1 x 0.5mm Derma Roller


    Pharma Hermetic Hair Recovery Program with SP55 (or HRP for short) is a revolutionary home hair loss treatment for hair, beards and eyebrows.

    The formula focuses on stimulating growth using brand new research to strengthen the existing hair at the root. The active ingredients promote the self generation of hair cells and provide all the necessary nutrients to repair weakened and brittle hair, making your hair healthier, stronger and more voluptuous.

    Hair transplant patients can resume the HRP treatment two months (with a derma roller) after their procedure to stimulate stronger root development. HRP is popular with users of Minoxidil as a natural alternative.


    – Hair Growth without Surgery
    -Lasting Results
    – Home Hair Loss Solution
    – No Side Effects
    – Stem Cell Technology
    – Thicker Hair

    Treatment Guide

    New Users –  1 month supply

    1 ampoule every 3 days for 30 days.

    Ongoing Users –  5 month supply

    1 ampoule every 15 days.

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    To open the ampoule, hold it with both hands, with one thumb against the narrow top section. Hold the bottom of the ampoule firmly while pushing the top section away from you with easy, even pressure. Light pressure should cleanly snap the ampoule open, using too much force can cause it to shatter.

    Pharma hermetic Hair Recovery Program Ampoules ®

      • What product lines does Hermetic offer? The HERMETIC product line includes cosmetic products developed to stop hair loss and promote hair growth, without side effects, with a topical application and with lasting results. To complete our line, we offer special products to increase the density and thickness of the beard and eyebrows.
      • What are the differences between the products? Hermetic cosmetics are based on the power of growth factors, vitamines, plant extracts and dihydrotestosterone blockers. Quality is guaranteed by international standards, Hermetic products are certified. Hermetic cosmetics guarantee the use of sustainable production processes, the optimal biodegradability of the raw materials used, as well as the use of environmentally friendly packaging and the protection of animals.
      • How do I find the product I am looking for? The products are sorted by categories, look in the section of interest. If you do not find the product you are looking for, write to Customer Service and we will guide you.
      • How do I know that your products will work for me? Before buying, read the product brochure carefully. It contains a complete explanation of its characteristics and recommendations for use. In addition, if you have any questions you can write to Customer Service and we will respond as soon as possible.
      • Are animal experiments carried out in PHARMA HERMETIC? No, Hermetic is very aware of the animal cause.
      • Can the products also be used during pregnancy and lactation? Yes, they can be used during pregnancy and lactation. All our products have been tested in accordance with the most demanding quality standards in terms of safety and compatibility. However, sometimes skin reactions occur even with natural substances. In that case, you should immediately stop using the product and consult your dermatologist, if necessary.
      • Where can I buy Pharma Hermetic products? Through our partners and official distributors, get in touch with us to know the nearest points of sale!
      • When should I use each product? At the first sign of excessive hair loss, Hermetic products are more effective in the early stages of alopecia. In beards without density, thickness and bald spots.
      • How to apply Hermetic products? The vials must be applied with 0.5 millimeter microneedle device to favor the adsorption. Both ampoules and lotion are applied with a gentle massage in the targeted area.
      • Can several Hermetic products be combined? Yes, the combination of the Hermetic products will give you a more complete treatment, and will create synergies between them to make your hair healthier with a balanced scalp.
      • Is there any recommendation in the post treatment? It is recommended to avoid exposition to sunlight after every session with Hermetic products for 8 hours. It is recommended not to wash the hair, beard or eyebrow after every session with Hermetic products for 8 hours. Avoid contact with eyes, if it occurs, rinse with water.
      • Do hermetic products cause adverse reactions? No, Hermetic cosmetics have been tested in accordance with the highest quality standards in terms of safety and compatibility. However, sometimes skin reactions occur even with natural substances. In this case, you should immediately stop using the product and consult your dermatologist, if necessary.
      • What do I need to use your products? For the treatment of hair loss we recommend the use of a dermo roller or derma pen of 0.5 Millimeters, the use of micro-needles facilitates the adsorption of the active ingredients.
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