• ioxin Thickening Gel - 140ml 

    If you wish to create a swept back look with your hair looking flawless, the Nioxin Thickening Gel is what you need. Nioxin styling gel works on thickening your hair for efficient styling without making your hair look greasy. Nioxin has come up with a hair product that not only enhances the visual appeal of your hair but also protects your hair from external environmental damages. If you regularly use this hair thickening gel, you get to witness a visible difference in the volume, texture and definition of your hair every time you apply it. Professional salon services include the use of this hair solution and many stylists recommend using Nioxin Thickening Gel for people with thin hair.

    Bring the Professional Hair Molding Gel to Your Styling Regime 

    People with thin hair always find it difficult to experiment with their looks by switching hairstyles. Nioxin Volumizing Gel serves as a boon for them by offering fuller hair with visible shine and strong hold. The lightweight gel does not weigh your hair down by building up any residue on your scalp. Nioxin Hair Booster focusses on providing definition to your hair, making it look glossier and smooth to touch. Regular use of the hair styling gel post poo or on dry hair can make your hair tangle less and more manageable.

    Nioxin Strong Hold Gel to Create Denser Hairstyles

    Nioxin Leave-In Gel is made with PRO-THICK™ Technology that contains a complex of thickening polymers, helping to form bonds between strands for space. The space created gives a thicker appearance on the hair and makes achieving your desired style easier. Thickening hair gel enhances the shape and texture of your hair, making it look suppler. The non-greasy texture and easy spread formula has made this styling product more desirable among style-conscious people. No harmful chemical formulation makes the Nioxin Texturizing Hair Gel suitable to use on every hair type.

    Nioxin Thickening Gel 140ml

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