Moroccanoil colored hair mask, in Bordeaux.a rich red brown hair colour, that adds vibrancy on all mahoganoy shades of hair.If you have natural brow hair and want to add some richer red tonnes, without going to a semi,or permament hair colour , this is a must.Grey hair get blended ,or coloured hairthat needs refreshing, look no further, this has all the amazing ingrediants from the Moroccanoil hydrating hair mask, with afded colour.If you need advice please contact us, we often custom blend two colored mask in the salon, to give a mulit tonal look.

Moroccanoil Colour Depositing Mask Bordeaux 200ml

  • Before committing to a full head of color, we recommend conducting a strand test first to assess the level of color deposition. Start by choosing a small piece of hair to test, ideally one that’s mostly hidden when your hair is styled normally. Section off the strand and tie the rest out of the way. Apply Color Depositing Mask on the strand and leave on 2–3 minutes. Rinse. If the color is too subtle, try a second strand and leave on for longer.

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