Multi-Guard® for Kids remains one of the best children’s formulas available in the UK as it provides useful levels of all the important vitamins and trace minerals.


Most High Street brands provide only low potency vitamins and one or two minerals because taste not nutrition is their primary concern. However, we have developed this formula using micro-encapsulated nutrients (that masks the flavour of the minerals) plus natural forest fruit flavour to produce chewable tablets that children readily accept. We use natural Xylitol to sweeten the tablets so the formula is aspartame free. It is also sugar free and will therefore not contribute to tooth decay.


The tablets are carefully formulated to allow it to be suitable for ages 4-14 years with one tablet per day for children up to 10 years and two tablets for the older aged group. 

Lamberts Health Care Multi-Guard for Kids 100 Tablets

SKU: 8461-100
  • Presentation

    A pink/white speckled round tablet. Each tablet delivers: vitamin a 400µg  vitamin d3 2.5µg, vitamin e  5mg, vitamin c 60mg, thiamin (vitamin b1) 0.7mg,  riboflavin (vitamin b2)* 0.8mg, niacin (vitamin b3)* 9mg, pyridoxine (vitamin b6)* 1mg, folic acid 100µg, vitamin b12 0.5µg, biotin 75µg,  pantothenic acid (vitamin b5)  3mg, calcium 80mg, iron 2.8mg, magnesium 45mg, zinc 4mg, iodine 75µg, selenium 20µg, chromium 25µg, choline bitartrate 1mg, inositol 1mg. Tableted with:  sweetener: xylitol fructo-oligosaccharides flavouring (contains sulphites) citric acid stearic acid silicon dioxide magnesium stearate colour: beetroot powder. *microencapsulated with mono and diglycerides of fatty acids to mask the taste of certain vitamins and minerals.

    Disintegration time:  

    Chewable tablet.  

    Usage & administration

    Chew one tablet daily (children 4-10 yrs) chew two tablets daily (children 11 yrs and over)

    Allergen advice

    See presentation section for ingredients listed in bold. The following list of allergens are excluded: wheat barley soya eggs milk (and milk products) lactose nuts sulphites celery fish shellfish yeast and gluten containing ingredients. ingredients.


    This product contains iron which if taken in excess may be harmful to young children. Keep out of sight and reach. Excessive consumption may cause laxative effects.

    Storage instructions  

    To be stored in a cool dry place and protected from light.  

    Legal category  

    Food supplement. 

    Suitable for vegetarians.

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