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    Silk top wigs are the most expensive option available in luxury wig brands and the best option for darker colours, as well as those wanting a higher volume of hair. 

    The hairs on mono and lace wig bases are knotted onto transparent materials, which means you can see your own scalp underneath. These transparent options are great when you have very little of your own growing hair (or wear a skin coloured wig cap over your natural hair) but on very close inspection, the tiny knots on dark hair are visible. 

    If perfection is what you’re looking for, a silk top wig could be the answer. The hair is injected through the silk and knotted underneath, which means that no knots are visible and it doesn’t matter if you have your own growing hair! This wig also has a higher, yet still very natural, density of hair than mono or lace wigs.

    Hair Necessity Human Hair Wig At Christos Hair loss Clinic Milton Keynes

    Colour Options
    • *This silk top wig, in premium grade human hair, 
is available immediately in 3 gorgeous ash colours**

      • The hair length is a glamourous 18", silky straight, but can be styled as  required.
      • Part the hair anywhere at the crown and see a flawless scalp appearance. 
      • The crown is made from a silk base measuring 4.5” wide x 5” long where each hair has been hand-knotted individually to mimic the movement of your natural hair. 
      • Designed with comfort in mind, the base of the wig is made from a soft stretch fabric which will accommodate most head shapes.
      • The wigs are crafted to resemble a natural head of hair, using a finer hair line graduating to denser hair towards the back. The overall density of the hair is lower than traditional wigs and therefore more realistic. 
      • Finer details such as baby hair are added to the front hairline for a flawless finish.
      • Hair is premium quality, ethically sourced and lightened from virgin hair, which means it can be coloured by your stylist as required.  
      • All wigs are designed to be styled to shoulder length and longer. *If you need a shorter style a wefted wig is recommended. 
      •  ** If you do not like the colour send a sample or arrange a consultation and receive an exact match (bespoke unit) in approximately 4 weeks. 


        **Stock units can be returned, unworn, for a full refund within 10 days.


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