• Hair integration systems can be eye-wateringly expensive, as well as fairly restrictive, meaning that you must spend hours in the salon chair every month. This full system however, can be installed in under 2 hours by any hair extensionist and requires just one maintenance session a month, where your hair integration will be removed, reconditioned and re-attached to keep it in tip-top condition.

    **Have the hair you want, how you want it, at an affordable price!**

    Once your Extensioniser System™ is in place you can:
    * sleep * work-out * even do a bungee jump! *

    Whatever your type of hair loss, the unique combination of hair parting on a customisable mesh base will enhance the hair you have.  All women should have the option to attach their hair for weeks at a time, even if it’s just for holidays or special occasions!

    Extensioniser System™ hair integration system by Hair Necessity