A beautiful mid-length layered style.


6 Star Rating.


You are investing in your chosen wig and we want to ensure that you will be delighted with it. Taking a little time to select the right wig for you is paramount to looking and feeling amazing.


Prior to purchasing your wig please ensure you have had your free initial consultation with one of our wig fitting specialists. This allows us to go through sizing, cap construction and whether you will need a fibre, human hair or blended finish.


To book your free phone or video consultation Contact Tina on

Tel: 07703 628061

EMail: tina@christoshairgroup.com

BELLINI * Ellen Wille Stimulate Collection

  • Washing your Human Hair wig

    • Prior to washing, remove all knots and tangles paying particular attention to the nape area.
    • Fill a hand bowl or sink with tepid water. Apply a little Pureology Hydrate shampoo evenly and gently agitate the hair into a lather. Repeat twice. Always apply products from the root to tip.
    • Rinse the wig using tepid water until all traces of shampoo are removed. Never rinse the hair under a high pressured tap.
    • Squeeze the excess water off the wig.
    • Gently smooth through some Pureology Hydrate conditioner evenly throughout. Work the conditioner into the hair and comb through carefully. Optional - Apply Pureology mask treatment for that extra softness.
    • Thoroughly rinse the conditioner out.
    • Pat gently using a towel. Never rub. Spritz some Pureology Colour Fanatic on the hair.
    • Place the wig on a Polyhead or Collapsible Wig Stand and brush through ready for styling or to dry naturally. (Take great care at this stage to avoid running the teeth of a comb or brush through the knotted roots or foundation as the knots will have absorbed water, this expands and becomes looser when wet. This will revert when the hair becomes dry.)

    For best results with your Trendco Human Hair wig

    All Human hair wigs can be set using the following; Hairdryers, Curling Tongs, Hooded Dryers, Ceramic Irons and Heated Rollers.

    We recommend that you use Pureology and Redken products when styling your Human hair wig.


    Any type of heated appliance can be used on human hair for the desired style/look

    With our lighter shades of blonde, we recommend you do not exceed 180° on the temperature gauge

    All finishing products from our Redken range are recommended, from hairspray to serums.

    Should your wig need colouring, please seek professional advice

    All Human Hair wigs fade, this is due to sun and environmental conditions!

    Longer hair should always be brushed from the ends first!