Wigs, Headwear, and support - we are still here to help


We are open and here to support you. Hair loss doesn’t stop because a pandemic has hit! We understand that when you are suffering from hair loss, whether through alopecia,Trichotillomania, (TTM), cancer treatments, auto-immune conditions, thyroid issues or hormonal imbalance hair loss can be very distressing, even more so during this period of isolation. To help support you are still running our Virtual clinics with the same clinical team on hand to give the right advice and solution for your hair loss. Fiona Susannah (NHS) Urgent care Practitioner Prescriber. Charlotte Lucas Consultant Pharmacist and Medical Nutritionist (NHS) Dr Mike Ryan Trichologist Headed up by Tina Hair Loss Expert/Clinician Director. To ensure you are protected and cared for we have updated our service and procedures to adhere to all social distancing guidelines without compromising the service we can offer. Our Consultations will be the same, as if you were in our Clinic. We will go through: · Treatment Programmes · What may happen to your hair & scalp · How you are feeling and how you would like to look! · Advice and support on hair and scalp care at home · Advice and support on nutrition to help boost your immunity and energy levels Observing full social distancing protocols and wearing PPE we then arrange to drop off headwear, wigs, eyebrow palettes and shampoo, for you to try in the comfort of your own home! We can stay outside your property and offer guidance on trying on using phone or Face Time or simply through a closed window. We can order in a collection of wigs, headwear and any other items for you to consider on a 2nd virtual visit.

Once you are happy with the wig we will then cut & style it to make is bespoke to you and provide further support on how to manage their own hair and scalp. All items will be quarantined before returning to you. We are still working with all our referral partners and can still process and support the NHS referral prescription if you come to us through NHS referral. Clients referred by Genesis Cancer Care we can provide you with invoices for you to submit to your insurance company. For the children, teenagers and young people referred by The Little Princess Trust, we will continue to work with you in the same way. To arrange your consultation please get in touch using the contact details below. If it goes through to voicemail it is likely that we are helping other clients so please do leave a voicemail or drop us an email and we will get back to you. Email: tina@christoshairgroup.com Mobile: 0777 565 6665 (call or text) Phone: 01908 551234

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