Taking a Positive First Step

This blog comes courtesy of a wonderful lady who we met recently. Hazel was recently diagnosed with Stage 3 invasive breast cancer. Amid the shock and vast amounts of information that comes as part of a cancer diagnosis, Hazel was told she would be given a voucher for a wig and that it could be redeemed at Christos.

Despite all uncertainty and hesitation, Hazel took the plunge and walked through the door – and we are so very pleased she did. Here Hazel shares her journey…

“Honestly, I do not think I spoke for a while. Sitting in a room and being told you have cancer is surreal and there is so much to take on board. The treatment was explained to me and they said that I would most likely lose my hair and spoke to me about using a cold cap in hope that would help minimise any hair loss and they also said I would be able to have a voucher for a wig that could be used at Christos.

Hazel before her cancer treatment
Hazel before her cancer treatment

The next day we headed into Newport Pagnell and as we walked up the High Street, we stopped at the door of Christos. My partner asked if I wanted to go in and just have a chat with them and maybe look at the wigs.

I remember feeling anxious about taking that step, a vision of a straw-like, unnatural looking wig that left me looking like Basil Brush entered my head and I froze. Did I want a wig? Did I want to go down the cold cap route? My partner held my hand and we went in.

It was the first positive step on my cancer journey. The team at Christos were wonderful, they sat down with me and listened and talked through some of the options with me. Their experience and easy-going nature were so reassuring. What started as an apprehensive chat actually ended up as being able to play with trying on lots of different wigs and taking pictures to see how I looked.

The decision was made – I did want a wig. Not only that, I wanted to take control of losing my hair so I decided as part of this process I would shave my hair before starting treatment and I wanted to raise some money for a wonderful charity called Band of Builders. They are an organisation of construction industry volunteers who provide practical assistance through life-enhancing projects for tradespeople and their families who are faced with life changing or limiting circumstances.

I explained this to Tina at Christos and she looked into the charity and has now selected Band of Builders as their Charity for the rest of the year.

When I told my friends and family what I was doing they were so supportive, in fact my (completely crazy) friend Kelly Taylor was so supportive that she volunteered to have her beautiful locks shaved off too. Being ambitious we set our target at £500, being able to give that as a donation to this wonderful charity would certainly be worth getting our hair shaved off.

The fundraising rocketed and as I write this, we are currently at £2350 and have changed our target to £3000. Band of Builders do such a wonderful job and £3000 will certainly help towards funding a project.

Hazel after 'Brave the Shave'
Hazel after 'Brave the Shave'

Today I went back to Christos to brave the shave. It was certainly emotional, but I was surrounded by my family and the team at Christos were fantastic yet again. This is no doubt going to be a tough road and I am so grateful that I walked through the door of Christos. They have been so supportive and given me so much

advice from looking after my scalp to how to keep cosy and even what food to eat to help me on this journey.”

If you would like to donate to this wonderful cause, please visit


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