Hay Fever and Covid Vaccinations

Looking around at the beautiful seas of yellow daffodils, trees displaying buds of blossom and the grass starting springing to life it safe to say that Spring has arrived.

But for those that suffer from hay fever – this can be an assault on the senses.

Kenalog caution

For many hay fever sufferers, Kenalog injections have provided relief to their symptoms. However, Kenalog is a corticosteroid and works by suppressing parts of the immune system and reducing inflammation.

This is usually perfectly safe in the majority of patients.

However, with the Covid vaccine, we are advising our clinic clients NOT to have the Kenalog injection.

With immunosuppressive medications, a client may be more susceptible to infection. There is not enough data available to determine the health impact of administering the Kenalog injection during the Covid vaccination regime. This is why we have decided to not offer Kenalog to clients that are on the vaccination programme at this time. We are, of course, constantly monitoring the guidelines and research and we will continue to review this.

Hay fever relief at hand

Please rest assured this does not mean you need to suffer from your hay fever symptoms. Our prescribing nurse Fiona, has alternatives that provide the relief you are looking for without the potential risks of medications such as Kenalog. This is a highly effective medication and is proving very popular with our clients. The cost for the consultation and private prescription is just £22.

If you are on the Covid vaccination programme and need effective solutions for your hay fever symptoms please get in touch and we can book you an appointment with Fiona.

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