From Damaged to Decadent – Chloe’s Hair Recovery Story

We first met Chloe in the summer of 2019 when she came to us desperate for some help and guidance.

Chloe had had her hair bleached at another salon and the resulting shade was not the natural ash blonde that Chloe had asked for and instead was filled with yellow tones. On top of this Chloe had been using clip in extensions in a bid to give her hair a thicker, fuller appearance. Instead she suffered with patches of alopecia as a direct result of the extensions and this left her hair looking fine and damaged.

We sat down with Chloe to understand exactly what she wanted to achieve and how she wanted to feel as a result. Chloe wanted longer healthier hair in a natural ash blonde and to feel confident and in control. We explained to Chloe that this is not something that can be fixed overnight but that we have the expertise and solutions to deliver exactly what she was looking for. We worked out a plan that involved promoting regeneration of the hair follicles damaged through the previous extensions, adding natural looking tones to create the colour Chloe wanted whilst nourishing the hair to improve strength and hair health as well as adding lightweight, quality hair extensions that would add volume without damaging the existing and new growth hair.

Hair Regeneration

To encourage hair growth, we recommended 5 sessions of Hair Recovery Programme (HRP) by Pharma Hermetic, a powerful combination of ingredients to help stimulate and encourage hair growth by charging the hair follicles with the food they require. Applied using a derma roller, HRP stimulates the blood flow to the surface of the scalp and helps recover lost and damaged hair from the patches of alopecia. HRP is totally safe for androgenic alopecia and traction alopecia and contains no hormones or steroids.

Colour Correction and Improved Condition

Chloe’s hair was in poor condition after previously only having had bleach highlights without any protective treatments. In order to create the colour and nourished hair look Chloe desired we decided to start fresh with a full head of highlights and low lights to create more natural depth and tone. Wellaplex treatment was added to rebuild the bonds and prevent damage from colouring. We then gave Chloe a fresh haircut and blow dry to remove all the damaged ends that resulted from previous over bleaching. To continue the strengthening and nourishing programme we recommended Chloe use Wellaplex Number 3 once a week at home.

Chloe’s hair is naturally very curly and frizzy and was being subjected to extreme heat styling through the use of hairdryers and straighteners. To minimise the amount of straightening required we included a keratin complex treatment that helps to smooth the hair cuticle. To maximise the benefits of this smoothing treatment, Chloe will use the Moroccan oil shampoo and conditioner as it is sulphate and paraben-free which helps maintain the longevity of the complex treatment.

Adding Volume

Chloe still desired thicker, fuller hair that could only really be achieved through using extensions so we added a mixture of wefts and bond extensions. in to her hair to creature length and volume. By using this mix of extensions, we were able to create the length and volume required with too much tension on Chloe’s hair and allowing her own hair to grow and improve in condition.

Chloe now has the length she desires, with better condition natural hair, her alopecia patches are growing back and we will continue to monitor this using the Nioscope. Chloe will come back to us every 6-8 weeks for her colour top up, and to have her extensions re-taped so not to cause any unnecessary trauma to the hair.

“The colour and condition of my hair had affected my confidence. I was recommended to Christos and I have never looked back. They were completely honest with me whilst giving me hope that I could indeed have the healthy mane of hair I craved. It wasn’t a quick fix but the results speak for themselves and I am delighted that I walked through that door.”

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