Festival Season

Updated: Aug 21, 2019

The guide to an easy messy bun

  1. tie your hair up in a pony tail using a plain hair bobble.

  2. take a section from the pony tail and using a fine tooth comb and back comb the hair.

  3. take another section and back comb

  4. repeat until all of the pony tail is back combed

  5. take one section of the backcombed hair and wrap around the original bobble

  6. use some Kirby grips to pin in place

  7. take the other sections and repeat. pin them securely in place.

  8. pull the hair out a bit to create the ‘messy’ look.

  9. spray using your favourite hairspray. have you tried the Wella performance hairspray? its hand’s down our go-to hairspray giving you a great hold without the sticky mess!

  10. use some tigi headrush to give a gorgeous shine!

Voila! You’re festival ready!

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