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When you have certain conditions or are undergoing medical treatment it is not always possible to get the correct levels of
required nutrients through your diet. This is where supplements or IV infusions can be beneficial.


After years of experience in the benefits that vitamins and minerals can bring to supporting not only hair and cell
regeneration but also overall health and wellbeing we are proud to offer a full range of Lamberts Healthcare supplements.
As part of your ongoing treatment we will regularly assess your nutritional needs and provide recommendations on
supplements that could be beneficial.

Diet recommendations to support cell function

There are some key steps that you can take every day to help your cells get the nutrition they require.


  • Eat breakfast – include protein and complex carbohydrates to give your hair cells is kick start

  • Drink – Your scalp can get dehydrated just like your skin, aim for 2 litres of water daily

  • Ensure you have a good source of protein – hair is primary composed of protein so make sure you include protein at

breakfast and lunch

  • Have a healthy snack – sustaining energy levels may require snacking between meals but make sure this takes the form

of complex carbohydrates such as fruit, vegetables or wholemeal bread

  • Keep it varied – varying the menu not only helps curb boredom, it also ensures you are getting a wide variety of essential


As we mentioned previously, hair cells are not considered as vital to your body and so they do not get priority when it comes to nutrients and this is one of the reasons that hair loss could be an indicator of an issue with your diet. Optimising nutrition means giving your body what it requires to function as it should. A balance of good quality proteins, complex carbohydrates, fibre, healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients are required to support health and wellbeing. However, the misconception is that by increasing your intake of vitamins and minerals either through diet or supplements will support hair growth and strength. This is not always the case, in fact an overload of Vitamin A can actually be a cause of hair loss.

This is why we take a comprehensive history during your consultation and may insist on blood tests to determine any deficiencies. We want you to have the very best results and that starts with an evidence-based approach to treatment.

Nutritional Support During Hair Loss
IV Nutrient Therapy

With Intravenous Vitamin Therapy, the nutrients enter your bloodstream and immediately start helping the body heal itself. Higher concentrations of the nutrients reach the body’s cells, thus allowing better absorption and utilisation of these nutrients.

Our expert practitioners can look at your vitamin and mineral blood profile and create a bespoke blend of essential nutrients to be administered.

Each session will last approximately 30 or 60 minutes.


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Nutrition Support

Nutrition is vital.  Not only does it help with your cell function and the physiological, it also helps with the psychological and has many wellbeing benefits.

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