To some, it does not matter; to you, it might. Do not play victim to your genetics. We have the solution for you.


How do you know what treatment is right for you – or what is going to work? If you’ve ever worried about side effects or wondered if there’s a natural solution, before you jump to medication, come and see us.


Our Barbers have been established for over 50 years and there are very few hair loss or thinning issues we have not dealt with. If this is happening to you,

you can do something about it.


With our Hair Loss Clinic Team, we can work with you to accept your hair loss and find the right cut for you. If you decide to treat it, we offer many different solutions, depending on what you would like to achieve.


Some of our clinics include Platelet-rich Plasma Therapy -  a treatment that uses platelets from your own blood to stimulate follicle recovery.

We also offer in-depth consultation on Hair Transplants and top pieces and systems.  Some of our current clients insist on car magazines, sports chat and biscuits while undergoing their treatment. Call to book your free consultation and you can see us for all the details and attend a clinic to chat first hand with them.

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