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We all understand that nutrients are essential for cell growth and protection, but were you aware that we only absorb approximately 15% of these nutrients into our bloodstream where they are needed.

The Hair Loss Clinic has seen first-hand the benefits that IV Nutrient Therapy can offer our clients. 


We have fully qualified practitioners who will undertake a full consultation regarding your health and any medical problems that may be affecting

your wellbeing and quality of life. Blood tests can be arranged privately or with your GP to identify any deficiencies causing tiredness, lethargy, hair loss

and any other presenting problem, ensuring any treatments are effective. 


With Intravenous Vitamin Therapy, the nutrients enter your bloodstream and immediately start helping the body heal itself. Higher concentrations of the nutrients reach the body’s cells, thus allowing better absorption and utilisation of these nutrients.


Our expert practitioners can look at your vitamin and mineral blood profile and create a bespoke blend of essential nutrients to be administered.


Each session will last approximately 30 or 60 minutes.

Prices starting from £50

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