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Headwear is a great way for children, men and women to achieve a quick solution to all forms of hair loss or hair thinning. Even more importantly, it can calm a sensitive scalp.


Chemotherapy, radiotherapy and other forms of medically induced hair loss, including all types of alopecia, leave our scalp vulnerable to the environment and affect the way we regulate our body temperature.


We work with leading suppliers to offer modern and classic headwear options that are both functional and trendy and are available for men, women

and children.

As the seasons change, so do our needs. Our headwear range incorporates a spring/summer and autumn/winter collection to ensure that you have

the right headwear solution for the weather, keeping you protected against the sun's harmful rays and regulating your temperature. The beautiful designs reflect the seasons and can incorporate hair pieces to create a fun and stylish look for all ages.


Night Wear Collection

Sleep is vital to our wellbeing and it is important to feel protected whilst maintaining natural body temperature. The nightcap is a recommended part

of your hair loss toolkit and comes in either Caretech Milk or Caretech Bamboo. Both styles are breathable, sweat absorbing and keep you warm. Additionally, the Caretech milk fibres are known to have a soothing and moisturising effect that leaves your skin feeling soft and refreshed.


Active Range

When exercising, it is extremely important that you feel comfortable and wear a light and breathable head covering. All headwear in this range is sweat absorbent so that it keeps the head warm even though the head is damp. The active range also includes a swim cap so your sensitive scalp is covered

and protected in the water. 


Caps and Hats

Caps from Christine Headwear have a great fit, providing fullness to the crown and being sufficiently long in the back to completely cover the sensitive scalp - even at the back of the head. The wide brim protects the face against the cold in winter and against the sun in summer. The caps have a soft cotton lining and are also available with long tails, making them both stylish and comfortable to wear.


Hair Pieces

A number of our clients enjoy the versatility of headwear but would still like to have a bit of hair showing. The Christine Headwear hairpiece is ideal for this and comes in either long or short styles in a selection of natural looking hair colours and can be easily applied before fitting your scarf or turban.


Headwear for Children

Care to Wear is a series of caps (baggy and sport) and bandannas in vibrant colours and patterns. All products are lined with the softest cotton to prevent irritating seams. The caps all have a wide, soft and comfortable elastic band for a secure fit. The bandannas have a loop that allows them to be pre-tied, making them easy for children to put on and take off.

CE Mark

All Christine Headwear products are CE Mark, as they have been classified as medical apparel according to the EU directive for medical equipment (93/42/EEC).

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