For clients that have patches of hair loss or thinning, or when your hair is growing back and you would like to add length and volume, your stylist will advise on the suitability of hair extensions.

All our Patient Hair Care technicians are trained to the highest industry standards to be able to apply and tailor the cut and colour to suit you and the result you wish to achieve.

Due to the delicate nature of your hair, as you undergo treatments or experience hair loss, we only use extensions that will not cause damage or discomfort to the hair or scalp while creating a natural, fuller look.

The Rapture and bonded micro extensions we use are 100% human hair and come in a number of natural shades that we can colour and blend to match your hair or even add colour to create a statement. The extensions are super lightweight and the innovative application method ensures they work with the natural fall of your hair, making them suitable for even the most fragile hair.

With the correct care and maintenance, Rapture hair extensions can last between 6-9 months. As part of your care, your stylist will recommend that

you visit the salon every 4-6 weeks depending on hair growth to have the extensions gently removed. We will treat your scalp to a dermabrasion treatment, check on the condition of your scalp and then refit your extensions.

Read Chloe's Hair Recovery Story to see how extensions can add length and volume to your hair.

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