For clients with particular areas of hair loss, we offer an extensive range of top pieces to suit all, including a removable top piece (we will teach you how to apply the top piece daily and how to care for your natural hair) and a more permanent solution that is glued, taped or beaded into place so you can still enjoy your daily activities without worrying about your hair. 

Gone are the days when a sudden gust of wind will have you chasing your hairpiece down the road as though in a Carry On film...


There’s no doubt that non-surgical hair replacement systems are the best “cure” for baldness you can get. There’s no surgery, risk to your health or other complications.


A hair system is life-changing. You can swim in it, exercise in it, shower in it, sleep in it. Basically, you can LIVE your life the way you want in it.  With up to a months’ continuous wear, it really can be a game-changer.

With the semi-permanent hairpiece system, you will have to visit the salon every 3-4 weeks so we can have a catch-up (most importantly), but also so the system can be removed, expertly cleaned and then reapplied. Don’t forget your hair underneath will still be growing in the dark and we don’t want it affecting the fabulous new look you have!


If semi-permanent systems aren’t for you, we also offer removable pieces. For clients with particular areas of hair loss, we offer an extensive range of top pieces to suit all. We can teach you how to care for your removable top piece, how to fit the top piece daily and how to care for your natural remaining hair. Our hairpiece systems are mostly human hair and are customised to your exact area of hair loss and then blended in with your natural hair.

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JON RENAU | EASIHAIR is a leader in the alternative hair industry. Specializing in Wigs and Toppers available in human hair, synthetic and heat resistant fibers, as well as extensions, hairpieces, headwear, and hair care.

Hair types - Human Hair, European Human Hair, Remy Human Hair, Heat Resistant Synthetic and Synthetic

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Top Pieces
Woman's Hair Topper solutions
Jon Renau

Hair toppers instantly transform your look by adding volume and body to fine, thin hair. Clip in hair toppers offer today's women unique solutions at each stage of hair loss. The best alternative to a full wig!

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The Hair Topper stages

Beginning Stage

One in 4 women experience some form of hair loss. Hair toppers for the beginning stage of hair loss offer solutions for women experiencing minimal hair loss that is temporary or permanent

Mid/Progressive Stage

Hair toppers for the mid or progressive stages offer solutions for women with hair loss that has become more noticeable and may start to show more scalp


Advanced Stage

Hair toppers for the advanced stages offer solutions for hair loss that is very noticeable and scalp is clearly visible


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Men's Hair Replacement

Hair replacement is a hair loss solution available for men and women who want a long-lasting alternative without hair restoration surgery

We can help you choose the best bondable hair system for you, apply it, customise it and cut in a style that suits your needs.