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At Christos we love colour!


Our team of Colour Experts make use of the best quality professional Wella and Koleston colouring products including Color Touch, Color Fresh, Blondor, Color Create, Magma, Color id Illumina Color and glossing techniques, to create the right look for you. Whether you are looking for trending colouring techniques such as balayage, ombre or all-over vivid hair colouring, or maybe you want to create a natural look with high and low light foils, we are here to help.


Our colour designers have a wealth of knowledge and experience and will assess your scalp and hair condition

and recommend a colour that suits your skin tone, hair quality, and styling needs. We highly recommend the addition of Wellaplex or Olaplex into all bleaching and colouring services to add strength and prevent breakage. Moroccan oil in Salon Colour Complete service helps stop colour fading and adds hydration.  We will advise you on the correct hair care regime to enable you to maintain your colour and shine between salon visits.


Colouring is not just for the ladies. Our fully trained colour experts are on hand for the gents too, offering full colouring techniques from highlights through to full colour and grey blending, we can even colour blend down to beards.



Fragile or damaged hair? No problem


Our specialist hair loss technicians can advise you on when and how to colour your hair safely to prevent further damage while creating a beautiful colour for clients who have undergone chemo and radiotherapy after cancer treatments, as well as weakened and fragile hair post-pregnancy or through menopause and all forms of medically-induced hair loss and all types of alopecia. 


Highlights, lowlights and babylights can be added to the hair in a variety of ways from all over to just a small section running along your parting or even bold flashes of colour. Foils are a great choice for creating a multi-tonal, natural appearance.


Similar to ombre where the ends are lighter than the roots, however it is a much softer sun-kissed looking finish.


This colouring technique gives you a gradual fade from dark roots to light tips. This versatile colouring technique is not just for blondes and brunettes, it also looks fabulous on red heads.


All over colour or sectional colour, the fashion shades will cover everything from soft tonal pastels through to bright and bold colour





Unfortunately, there are times where you may get your hair done somewhere and it doesn’t go according to plan. Fortunately we have colour correction experts who will help you to have hair that you are happy with once again. 

A tint is a colour applied all over the hair and has up to 100% grey coverage. As the colour is applied to the roots, hair will grow out over time and will need touching up every 6 weeks or so. A semi-permanent version of the colour may be applied to the ends to refresh any faded colour.

Semi-permanent colour option that usually lasts 4-6 weeks and adds condition and high shine to hair. This service is particularly popular for blondes wishing to achieve their desired colour as it removes brassiness for those wanting silver blonde or adds warmth to those wanting honey blonde.

Gently stains your hair and gradually fades over time, usually lasting 4 to 6 weeks. The advantage of this is there is no regrowth line following this colour, however a semi-permanent does not have strong grey coverage.





Full Head Foils







Partial Head Foils
Runway - Parting or Scattered Packet







Full Head Tint
Full Set Foils & Full Head Tint




Full Set Foils & Root Touch Up




Part Head Foils & Root Touch Up




Root Re-Touch




Semi-Permanent Colour




Ombre / Sombre / Balayage / Dip Dye




Colour Correction Work (price on consultation)                                                                             

Concessions available. Please contact for details.

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