At Christos we truly care about supporting you through your hair loss and finding the right solutions for you every step of the way.


Hair loss is a side effect of many chemotherapy treatments and is listed as one of the main areas of concern with our patients. Our dedicated team of Hair Loss Experts have come together through their passion and personal understanding of the emotional effect losing our hair has on our day-to-day life.


Phone us and book in for a free consultation in our 1st-floor wig studio, designed to allow you the comfort of discussing your concerns with one of our wig technicians. Allow approx. 90 minutes for this appointment.


Before Your Treatment

Before your treatment starts we carry out an in-depth consultation on your type of cancer and possible hair loss effects. We understand some clients like to have Cold Cap treatment so we will explain the procedure, likely outcome and effects for you. It is essential when undergoing any harsh treatments that we are as kind to ourselves as possible, including using the right products on our hair and skin. We will ensure you have all the knowledge about anti-inflammatory shampoos (essential for a sensitive scalp), mineral-based powders that do not absorb into the bloodstream but allow you to have perfectly sculptured eyebrows in seconds, and the importance of looking after our scalp with medical sunscreens and protective headwear.


Your stylist will take time to understand your lifestyle, what look you are hoping for and any expectations from your family. We go through Human Hair Wigs versus Fibre Wigs, colour choices, cap construction and of course style. We have a large variety of wigs in stock so you can try some on and get a feel for what style will suit you best.  Sometimes we need to order in some additional wigs for you to try on, this only takes a matter of days and then we rebook you for your fitting appointment. Your fitting appointment will include a bespoke fitting service including styling and cutting your wig to make it unique for you. Our expertise is not limited to wig fitting, your stylist is trained to cut and style your chosen wig to suit your features, creating a look you will feel confident in. All our clients go away with information on how to care for their wig and scalp and contact details should they need to have any wig maintenance or follow-up appointments. 

During Treatment


During your treatment, we may decide it is necessary to remove your hair. We are fully qualified hair stylists and this allows us to look after your hair throughout your journey. Our hair removal service is never charged for and we can look after your scalp with our calming treatments and cooling therapies. We will show you how to care for your scalp to reduce sensitivity and ensure your new hair growth has the very best care from the beginning. Using the right products, following a treatment dietary plan and our techniques for buff drying your scalp are all essential for your comfort and wellbeing. It would be our pleasure to continue looking after your hair.


After Treatment

After your treatment, you will be wondering what happens next with your new hair growth. We would love to see you again for another consultation, our services are derived from the needs of our clients and these include an examination of follicles under our Nioscope, which magnifies the scalp over 200 times allowing us to see what is happening with every follicle. Based on this evidence, we can discuss long-term treatments that have an effect on new hair growth particularly Oestrogen Inhibitors. Our knowledge of such medications will enable us to recommend new aesthetic scalp and hair recovery solutions that are totally safe and have clinical evidence to support their successful usage. Our Hair Loss Clinics specialise in all aspects of hair loss and we partner with some of the world’s leading authorities on Pharmaceutical Products that work in harmony with your own bodies. These include Hyalual, Pharma Hermetic & AQ Solution all who understand cancer and cancer treatments therefore demanding safe procedures that carry no risk to health.

All our hair loss clinic clients benefit from the use of our Bio Magnetic Pulse Technology, which is safe to use for all post-cancer. This, combined with a relaxing scalp massage of specially blended rejuvenation oils, have provided us with superb results especially following treatment for Follicular Lymphoma and Breast Cancer.


Of course, most of us just want to know how soon we cut and colour our hair. We would like you to keep in touch with us throughout your treatment so we can monitor your scalp and hair and give you the best advice from the beginning. We know how excited you will be to colour your new hair growth so will talk you through all the safe options, not just for protecting new fragile hair growth but equally as important, what products and colouring techniques will stop the absorption of chemicals back into your scalp and bloodstream. We promise to offer exciting solutions particularly with the transition from your wig to your new hairstyle. Our cutting and reshaping will make the very best of your new growth and will help restore your confidence very quickly.


Remember we are here to help you - its what we love to do and what we do best.

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