Once we have undertaken the initial consultation, we will often recommend a number of different blood tests to identify any underlying conditions

that could be influencing your hair loss. These may include tests for Thyroid function, full hormone profile, iron levels and vitamin and mineral profiles. 

You can then take this information to your GP to request the suggested blood tests.


Over the years we have found that, while some clients can request this through their GP, many people either do not get the buy-in from their GP

or they would rather elect to have the tests done privately and then present the results for medical assessment.


For this reason, we have introduced Bloods 4 You at the Christos Hair Loss Clinic.


You can have your blood taken at the clinic and the blood is then sent to a private pathology lab for testing. You will be emailed the result and invited back to the clinic to go through results and advice on medically moving forward with your GP or consultant.


All data is held and transferred in line with GDPR so you can rest assured your data is safe.


Private blood screening starts from £150.00

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