Non-surgical aesthetic procedures have grown in accessibility and many women and men are opting to prevent,

reduce or even erase the signs of skin damage and ageing without going under the scalpel.


Aesthetics are not just about fighting the signs of ageing.

Non-surgical aesthetics procedures can also be used to treat conditions such as acne, rosacea and scarring,

and even have wide-reaching benefits to your mental health. Our aesthetics team is fully trained and qualified in all aspects of aesthetics work we undertake. We want the very best results for our clients without risk or compromise.

During your initial consultation, we will sit with you to take a full medical history, your lifestyle and what you are looking to achieve.

Based on this we will create a guided plan with you so you are always aware of what is happening, the results you can expect and any costs involved.

Clinical-led Aesthetics in Harmony with your Body

Advanced PRP, uses your own blood cells injected back into your face, neck & decollate to reverse fine & critical lines, add volume, improve scarring & help reverse the signs of Ageing Skin.

Mesotherapy & Redermalization are scientifically proven to improve collagen & elastin, by injecting safe forms of hyaluronic&  succinic acid, vitamins & immunology-based growth factors.

A Medically inspired Facial, including Chemical Peels, Derma-planing, Mesotherapy with Peptides, Anti-oxidants & LED Light Therapy for stimulation. 

As a company, we have long prescribed IV Therapy for our Patients, for Hair Loss, Acne, Deficiencies in D3 and B12 and general wellbeing. Each therapy is prescribed just for you and is administered through a vein or intramuscular injection with committed sessions. The results are clinically proven!

Traditional Aesthetics

Botox & Dermal-fillers have been a "quick fix" in the world of Aesthetics. Mauricee is our Plastics Lead, and can use Botox & Baby Botox to help eliminate fine and critical lines in a totally natural and controlled way. We may be a tiny bit more expensive, but the quality & precision of Mauricee work is superb!

Dermal-Fillers in the hands of skilled Plastic's Clinicians can lift and firm all forms of ageing. Using tiny cannulas to eliminate trauma, our highly skilled team will create the face you want without surgery, using the very latest quality fillers.

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Ear irrigation is a routine procedure used to remove excess earwax, or cerumen, and foreign materials from the ear.

Too much earwax or hardened earwax can cause a blockage in the ear, resulting in earaches, ringing in the ears, or temporary hearing loss.